Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I WANT WEDNESDAY - Joseph Joseph Kitchenware

I think I'm mentioned it on the blog before but... I flipping love Nigella Lawson. Love love love. Other than my Mum and Gran she is why I started cooking. How To Eat was one of the first books I ever bought with my Christmas book tokens along with Cooking With Friends, so it's no surprise that I covet most of what she has in her kitchen.

I spotted the above chopping board on her current series 'Kitchen' (BBC2, Thursdays, 8pm) and think it is pure genius. The board is double sided, one with little spikes to hold meat etc. in place while carving (shown above) and the other flat for normal chopping, but the wonderful part is that it is at a slight angle due to its having a lipped edge. Therefore, next time you are chopping juicy fruit or super moist meat the liquid that escapes from them will not drip onto your work surface but be captured for easy disposal later from the corner, which, by the way, was engineered for this very purpose so won't drip everywhere like a rubbish teapot!

It comes in a range of colours, I believe House Of Fraser have an exclusive purple edition, but I would go for the black as above. Classic and goes with everything else in my kitchen, including my beloved checkered floor.

Pink Folding Colander - £11.99

This little beauty looks pretty fab too, a colander that folds completely flat so it takes up less room! I have a giant colander which takes up the space of pretty much two piles of plates on my shelf (I cook way too much pasta, every single time) so this would be great as then I could buy more stuff to go in that space. Yay stuff!

2 in 1 Measuring Jug - £6.99

Want something that will accurately measure tiny volumes AND larger quantities? This jug does just that, one side will measure as little as a teaspoon (5ml) and then you can just invert it for bigger jobs! Multitasking rocks!

Adjustable Rolling Pin - £12.98

Never have uneven pastry again - just switch the plastic rings at the end of this rolling pin to the desired thickness and you will roll perfect every time!

Citrus Reamer with Pip Catcher - £7.50

Stray pips will no longer be an issue with this lovely citrus squeezer - the integrated seive like device under the reimer will catch all those pesky pips and leave you surprise crunch free!

Rocking Garlic Crusher - £13.99

Do check out and for more intelligent cooking helpers from Joseph Joseph!

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