Friday, 14 May 2010

Baking for Becca

Cupcakes for the Jayne Doe Tattoo Crew

I have another appointment with the lovely Tiny Miss Becca tomorrow to get more colour put into the back piece she is doing on me. She has a gorgeous Victorian-esque shop in Hornchurch, Essex called Jayne Doe Tattoo. It's quite a drive from here in little old Loughborough but oh so worth it for her work!!! Here's the line work so far...

Linework of my upper back piece by Tiny Miss Becca

This is an old photo, I actually already have some colour on the shoulder closest to the front. The roses are beautiful blues and purples and we'll be doing some more colouring tomorrow.

Cupcakes for the Jayne Doe Tattoo Crew

As we know, everyone loves presents, so I'm taking Becca and the crew a box of cupcakes and a vegan banana loaf to make the Saturday even sweeter. The cupcakes are vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate cake with ganache filling and chocolate buttercream frosting, all fancied up with printed icing discs of the shops logo and lots of glitter and sprinkles.

Cupcakes for the Jayne Doe Tattoo Crew

I really love these rice paper butterflies, I got them shipped over from Paris last year. They were expensive but very worth it - I got a box of 40 butterflies and there must be at least 20 different colour ways and butterfly shapes in there. I only use these for very special people and occasions!

Cupcakes for the Jayne Doe Tattoo Crew

I ordered the lovely printed icing discs from who are just wonderful. I ordered at 9am and received an email saying my discs had been dispatched just 2 hours later! I got twelve discs measuring 5.4cm across for £6.00, a few years ago I used them to order a larger icing photo for my Dad's birthday cake which turned out fab too - I'm definitely jonesing for a food colouring printer for Christmas!!! Hint hint Pete!!!


  1. Man these look so good! I bet the shop loved them!!

    I wanted to ask you - I've got an appointment at Jayne Doe in October - do you have any tips on traveling there? I ask because I know you are this side of London too.

    Been looking at trains and the tube but London transport confuzzles me!



  2. Well I'm lucky enough to have a nice boyfriend that has driven me there so it's been easy...

    I know that from the tube station nearest the shop you just turn left when you walk out the doors and then keep going straight until the road branches left in Hornchurch town centre. You follow the left branch and it's about a minute further on, on the right hand side of the road.

    It has a dark grey and gold sign outside and it's opposite Zizzi :)

    Who are you booking in with? xxx

  3. Oh man, I knew you were going to say you drove!

    Thanks though, at least now I know to stay to the left after exiting the station! I have a pretty bad sense of direction!

    Got an appointment with Sandi Calistro, she's doing a two day spot. Very excited! Hopefully I can book in with Becca for next year while I'm at it :D